Monday, March 22, 2010

received 50.00$ amazon gift certificate from cashcrate!

Everyone likes free prizes right? Cashcrate has a lot of free prizes that range from gift cards to popular stores to electronics like iPod Touches and gaming systems. You buy these prizes with points that you earn from completing offers. With Cashcrate, you earn one point for every dollar earned from completing offers.

You can get paid to play games and that you can earn points from finding and redeeming Cashcrate coupons. There is one way to earn points that I have not made a post about, and that way is to complete points offers.

Cashcrate has a section of offers that are dedicated to earning points instead of cash. This section is located in the sorting box beside "Cash Offers". Most of the points offers require cell phones and will cost some money. There are a couple that doesn't require cell phones or credit cards and really payoff. Those that do not require anything and are 100% free are mostly surveys or signups. Every couple of months Cashcrate replenishes the amount of offers and usually the points offers are replenished too.

My favorite way to earn points are by completing Bonus Points Offers. You can find the bonus points offers by clicking the green banner in the points offers section. When you first join Cashcrate, there is roughly 3000 points that you can earn from completing bonus offers. This is really great because most of the prizes cost less than 1000 points, so you can start buying prizes soon after you join. I know a couple of tips to completing points and bonus points offers at Cashcrate and if you are interested in joining and earning free prizes, click here to join Cashcrate.

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